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When handling large amount of data is concerned most of the time the best way is using scripts/macros and automated processes. That allows performing time and cpu demanding operations outside of office hours and prepares the data for the next day. Especially in repetitive tasks regardless of the amount of data, tools help reducing the time spend on the task.

bGlobal has many tools available which are easy customizable:

- Multi-interface protocol analyzer trace parser: This tool initially developed for extracting mobile capabilities from the traces but the information it can produce is in fact limited only with the content of the trace. eg. It gives the most accurate mobile capability including the GPRS class/EDGE capability/supported radio network features which is otherwise practically impossible to get from marketing.

- Network parameter settings analyzer: A practical tool enabling importing of network configuration files and query them without being super user, performing consistency checks and parameter template checks.

- GeoNet : Geographic display of network configuration and statistics data simply by using your MapInfo application.