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Applied Consulting  



Once somebody said, "Best ideas are the 'realised' ones." bGlobal, applied consulting is not just about 'words' but implementation of innovative solutions.

Innovation is part of todays business life to find better, faster, cost effective solutions. bGlobal provides these and more for your business. Extensive technical knowledge in telecommunications and IT allows bGlobal to manage your projects by anticipating issues in advance and stimulating project members. At the end of the day it is a team-work not a one man show.

bGlobal devize you tools and methodologies that are not gold plated but just right. By using your existing applications or GNU licensed software you can perform non-critical automated tasks without any additional software fee or licence.

bGlobal transforms data into knowledge. Even though operators have mass amount of data and statistics they often do not use them or they don't even know they have them. Find out more about this in tools!

With the launch of Sotersat.com Locating and Monitoring services, bGlobal enables now GPS technology more into our life not only to make it easy but also to protect, to have peace of mind and to create application to answer your needs.